World Tapas and Steak Menu


Asian Style Belly Pork Marinated and slow cooked belly pork pieces in a honey, soy and sweet chilli glaze. £7 (GF)

Thai Style Crocodile – Tender strips of crocodile, sautéed in a light Thai style sauce. £8.50 (GF)

Pork Tenderloin – Everyone’s favourite! Canons of pork in our hunters’ and cream sauce with mushrooms, bacon, baby onions and red wine. Topped with a crispy cheese dumpling. £8

Kangaroo Strips – Tender strips of kangaroo, served pink with shimeji mushrooms, sweet garlic and flamed brandy. £8 (GF)

Partridge Breasts – A duo of partridge breasts served in a fresh plum and port sauce. Finished with creamy English Stilton. £8.50

Lamb Rump – Slices of lamb rump, seasoned with salt flakes and mixed herbs. Served on peas a la Francais with mint oil. £7.50

Mongolian Style Lamb – Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a hoisin and soy glaze with fresh peppers and spring onion. £7 (LF)


Half Shell Scallops – Roe on scallops served with half shells, baked in butter and sea salt. Finished with a classic Benedictine sauce. £9 (GF)

The Royal’s Prawn Pil Pil – Fresh prawns sautéed in oil olive and butter with fresh, sliced red chillies and garlic. Served with a fresh baked bread roll. £8

Seafood Medley – Pieces of fresh salmon, haddock, cod and blue mussels in a white wine and pernod sauce with fresh dill and spring onions. £7.50

British Blue Mussels – Steamed mussels with a white wine, garlic and cream sauce. £7 (GF)

Smokey – Flaked pieces of smoked haddock and fresh prawns in a rich smoked cheese sauce baked with spring onions, garlic and chives. Served with a warm home baked bread roll. £8

Goan Fish Curry – Prepared to our own Goan chefs’ recipe. Pieces of salmon, cod and haddock in a green chilli and coriander Goan curry sauce. £8 (GF)


Moroccan Tagine – Chopped tomatoes with melted butternut squash, chickpeas and onions in our own blend of Moroccan style spices. £6.50 (GF) (LF) (Ve)

Sliced Goats Cheese Duo – One rolled in a blend of paprika, tumeric and chilli. The second in a green herb blend of parsley, rosemary and coriander. Served with a sweet chilli and onion chutney. £7.50

Stuffed Aubergine – A half aubergine stuffed with Peruvian style quinoa with apricots, onions, sundried tomatoes and sultanas. Finished with a rice tomato and red pepper sauce. £7 (GF) (LF) (Ve)

Thai Green Curry – Peppers, baby corn, onions and green beans served in a homemade medium spice green curry sauce. £6.50 (Ve)


All our steaks are aged and then seasoned to create our own distinct flavours. Served with a caramelised shallot puree and confit tomato.


8oz Fillet £22

10oz Fillet £27

8oz Ribeye £18

12oz Ribeye £22

10oz Sirloin £21

Choice of Sauce


Garlic and Truffle Butter

Café De Paris Butter

White Wine and Stilton

The Best of Land and Sea – The ultimate steak experience. A 10oz fillet steak cooked to your liking with a choice of sauce. Topped with a trio garlic and butter king prawns and a large roe on king scallop. £37

Côte de Boeuf– Sliced and served on the bone. Perfect for 2 people or 1 person with a healthy appetite, served with your choice of two of our steak sauces. £40

Chateaubriand – The most tender part of the animal. Considered by many as the king of steaks. Sliced and served with your choice of two of our steak sauces. £55


Hand Cut Truffle and Parmesan Chips £4

Barbeque, Spring Onion and Chilli Chips £4

Jasmine Rice £3

Crispy Cheese Dumplings £4

The Royal’s Premium Poutine £5

Creamed Spinach and Nutmeg £3.50

Sautéed Tender Stem Broccoli and Roasted Garlic £4

Sautéed Asaparagus with Rough Chopped Pak Choi £4.50

Please be aware this is a sample menu and is subject to change.

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