Ashley Windle and Samantha Berry would like to welcome you all to The Royal Wootton Bassett.

Having worked in the industry all his life Ashley began at his parent’s restaurant, The Three Crowns in Brinkworth, washing pots. From there Ashley has grown into the industry learning all new aspects of running a successful pub/restaurant. Ashley ran The Weighbridge Brewhouse for a number of years, and has now decided that it is time he and Samantha pursued their goal of having their own pub/restaurant. Offering the best selection of food and drink in a welcoming and homely environment, with the service to match.

Samantha has worked on and off in high end hospitality since she was 16. Working at a number of different high profile race courses and other prestigious events. At 17, Samantha joined Ashley as part of the team at The Weighbridge. As they say, the rest is history.

When the pair both parted ways with The Weighbridge, they took a number of months out to travel the world. Visiting places like America, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the Philippines. The Philippines holding a place in Samantha’s heart being the country where her family and Mum were born and raised. These travels are what led to the dream of opening a restaurant showcasing food from all over the world. Putting on show all the amazing culinary discoveries the pair made on their travels. Resulting in the opening of The Royal Wootton Bassett.

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